Company Mission & Philosophy

At our Company, we are highly focused and committed to connecting people with property that best suits their interests and needs. We will strive to go the extra mile to ensure the best suitable fit & doing so while keeping our investors financial prospects in mind.

Other than traditional Real Estate Agencies that work on an incentive based commission, our companies mission is to guarantee we sell your property at the
best price for a low & affordable Fixed Flat Fee.

Usually, an agency charges a percentage of the property sale price, around 3% (ex. GST). With companies not being upfront about their costs, it can amount to hefty & unforeseen costs for the investor. Our core value regarding expenses, is to be upfront & ensure our investors know the details regarding our fee structure before going ahead with investing.

Our philosophy continues with regards to property management fees & being upfront with ongoing investment costs.

Traditional management fees in the Real Estate industry are calculated by a percentage. Unlike other agencies, our structure is not designed on a percentage of the rental return, but a fixed flat fee which saves the investor as the rent rises. At Townsville Flat Fee Realty, we believe that the investor should not be penalized as the rent increases and being fair to the investor.

Overall, our mission is connecting people with the correct property, guaranteeing our investors more return on their investment, and a higher yield on their rental property.

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